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The British Training Institute is one of the largest and most distinguished professional institutes in the Gulf region and the Middle East. It provides training solutions and career development advisory services for a variety of different levels of professionals. The institute offers specialized courses in various fields of engineering, information technology, security, health and safety, management, leadership management, human resources, total quality management, tourism, law, accounting and finance – whatever the requirements of our markets.

The British Training Institute is an agency of the Arab Institute established in 1955 with the main objective of providing vocational and technical training. The Training Center is authorized to offer qualifications, professional accreditation and recognized training from a range of universities around the world. To learn more, please visit: The British Institute for Training in Arabic or the British Institute for Training in English. The British Training Institute provides training solutions and career development advisory services for a variety of different levels of professionals

The founder of the British Training Institute has done a lot to build the institute in a way that can bring qualified personnel to the region. They have corporate staff of highly qualified and experienced graduates who share a common interest in achieving the best results in every activity undertaken in their line of business. The British Training Institute is an educational and advisory institution created with the aim of providing opportunities for people to make them advance themselves to a more beneficial and closer future.

We are pleased to provide technical skills and competencies to our potential clients. We have a large number of courses, including ship mechanics, marine, engineering and basic management, engineering and wellness, health and safety, human resources, cyber security, and legal studies, to name a few. Current position as a training provider with a strong focus on rewarding young professionals, we have managed to attract the participation of a large number of professionals, government employees and professionals who are keen to gain more knowledge. The continuous growth in this segment has helped us to increase our portfolio to meet the increasing demand in the market.

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Institute Staff

Dr. Adnan Abu Odeh
Chairman of the board of Directors
Dr. Marvet Ahmed Abbel Nasser
Deputy Director of the board of Directors
Joyleen Hapinat
Executive Director of the FIlipino Academy
Dr. Ahmed Sanjab
Legal Counsel - Master of Law Teacher
Dr. John Saad
Management Consultant - MBA Instructor
Mr. Brian Chaney
Business Administration
Adham Bassam
Executive Director of the Arab Institute
Iman Ali
Legal Training Department Manager
Vishnu Velkat
Legal Training Department Manager
Ruthmar Fuentes
Head of HR
Ragheb Fouda
Marketing Specialist